career after 12th

Career Guidance After 12th

Career plays a very important role in everybody’s life. It is one of those things that actually determine the level of satisfaction and a sense of achievement that an individual is able to achieve throughout his or her lifetime. Hence, it is extremely important that an individual only makes the best possible and the smartest

Careers after 12th

What Should I Study After Class 12th For A Better Career?

Finally finishing your class 12th exam and moving on to the real world sounds so interesting and exciting at the same time. However, everything is not that easy and perfect as once when you do complete your class 12th exam then there are a number of decisions that you need to make and those decisions

career counselling after 10th

Career Guidance After Class 10th

Childhood is a lot of fun but that gets over pretty soon when everybody around you starts bugging you about what you are going to do after you pass your class 10th exams and you seriously have no idea about what you are going to do. And if that is the case with you then


How can I Clear My Job Interview?

Once we are done with getting our education degrees the next big step in the lives of everybody is clearing a job interview and finally getting the job that we have been trying to get for so long. But the only thing difficult in this perfect scenario is clearing that interview. A lot of people


What Are The Good counselor Skills?

Times have changed and so have the natures or quality of life that we all tend to live. These days there are a number of challenges that an individual might have to face during his or her lifetime. That individual can face those challenges one right after the other or every so often. And during

how to focus on study

How to Focus On Studies?

Studies or learning play a very important part in all our lives. As a student, we are required to devote a significant amount of our time every day to studying and even as adults we come across certain situations where we have to study or learn something new. Learning basically never stops but it is

Improve english

How Will I Improve My English If I Studied From A Government School?

English is a language that has been termed as a type of international language by a number of people all across the globe. And the simple reason behind why that English has been termed as a type of an international language is because of the fact that this language is a way or means through

computer science students

What Are The Top Websites Computer Science Students Must Watch?

Computer Science is a field that can be defined as a field of study that includes engineering, experimentation, and theories that are used to form the basis of designing and using the various computers. This field is incredibly exciting but there are a lot of different things that any student of computer science would be

10 Reasons as for why Engineering students in India do not get Good Jobs

Once upon a time engineering job in India used to be a very highly dignified job. There used to be only a few engineers with very high pay scale compared to today’s generation. With the steep increase in technology both nationally and internationally, the demand and the number of working engineers have increased but still,

Student query

The hurdles to overcome for those who are graduated and still unemployed

You need to fight for the position you want as the job market is tough. But as you don’t have any real work experience you can take a course for placements to get the work, and a lot many of people have multiple qualifications, so you need to work hard to make yourself distinct from

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