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The hurdles to overcome for those who are graduated and still unemployed

You need to fight for the position you want as the job market is tough. But as you don’t have any real work experience you can take a course for placements to get the work, and a lot many of people have multiple qualifications, so you need to work hard to make yourself distinct from the crowd.

First of all be honest with yourself and be courageous. To get started, you can always have a preferable job and you can do anything as impossible as possible.

Know yourself about the positions you are applying for and don’t always aim or dream you will only get placed in bigger companies. So till the time you get a call for a big job just explore small-scale businesses instead of being blank and waiting for that managerial job at Google. This will encourage and motivate the energy of newly graduated and unemployed.

It’s always easy to pinpoint to a specific work as there are lots of companies that are hiring newly graduates. Keep sending your CV and cover letter in email and keep doing short-term local businesses. 

Highlight Your CV

You can always highlight your CV by adding a few extra activities other than your study course. You have a lot to mention in your CV for the recruiters to see. List out all the courses you completed and transferable skills too.

Keeping calm in stressful and while doing tedious tasks, doing your own tasks, discipline, time management…and few things that you gained during education should also be listed.

You can list on the clubs you joined and show the additional responsibilities and work you took part. You can see free CV templates and design your CV. Write in detail about the graduation you did. 

Mention in The cover letter about the position you are enthusiastic:

You can mention which job you are passionate about and the type of work you are interested in your cover letter. Employers will be surprised how enthusiastic you are and positivity of your CV than other candidates seeking the job position. Mention the subject you are interested to work with.

Explain in brief about the experience you have in any field while you were studying and mention why you are interested to work with that company. Include what are the enthusiastic sectors for you and mention you will contribute yourself for a long –term in that company. Make more preparation and emphasize your skills.

Few interview techniques:

Prepare yourself if you get a call for an interview. By heart your CV and ensure that you know all the skills that you have mentioned.  Research latest market trends and also about the company you have applied and the job you are seeking and the role in that job. Make suggestions and few titbits on your own and make the answers ready for all the job preparations.

Dress smartly while you are attending an interview, be confident and look professional when you are attending an interview.

Keep posting in the latest job vacancies and get career advice and online portals are there to help you always. Read and get the guidance for writing your CV, cover letter and approaching the interview and group discussion techniques.


Show your desires to work with that company and keep upgrading your skills and gain more work experience



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