What can I do with History Degree?

Choosing the right career option is one of the biggest challenges after completing your studies. There is very tight competition in almost every field and department. If you are a fresh History graduate and love to dig more into the history, here is a list of career options you can choose with a history degree. Have a look and choose according to your interest and skills.


If you have an interest in History, being an archaeologist is one of the best career options from both scopes as well as income point of view. The primary motive of Archeologists is to take part in historical researches and uncover the ancient relics and remains. These researches are very helpful for people to learn properly about the history of different places and facts.


There is vast scope in the historical researches as well. If you have a History degree and want to learn deeply about the past, being Historical Researcher is another excellent option. As a researcher, you can help different departments by providing new theories and facts about the historical places, events, or periods. You can even work as a lecturer, teacher, or author to help others in historical researches.

Tour Guide:

If you love traveling, being a Tour Guide will be a perfect option for you. People across the globe are very keen to know about the historical aspects of tourist spots they visit. Different tourism departments are hiring Tour Guides that too at decent payments. Having a proper historical knowledge and fluency in 2 to 3 international languages is enough to be an appropriate tour guide.

Film Production Assistant:

If you are looking to add some opulence to your life, you can choose to become a Film Production Assistant. Working in any film industry is always very interesting. As a production assistant or consultant, you can help the directors and producers regarding the historical facts and references. You can even check the movie stories and scripts to correct the historical dates, events, or even costumes.


History is an excellent subject and graduating from History is still one of the better options. There are plenty of career options with a history degree. Graduation in history should be enough in almost all the career options discussed earlier. But, if you want to be on higher posts and want a more significant salary, you should try to get Post Graduate degree in History. We are assuring you, History is one of the better job oriented subjects in almost every country. And the future looks very bright as well.



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