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Detailed Post


What is the importance of Career Counseling?

It is essential to know that opportunities don’t happen; you create them by hook or by crook. It isn’t necessary that each one of us take birth with utter confidence about what we are going to do in our lives and then, we achieve it the same way as we decided in the mom’s womb. Life throws different challenges in completely different ways as we might not have expected it to and thus, you never know what is right and wrong for your career and your life-to-be.

Right Guidance

Guidance is one word which is always needed throughout our lives be it in the school days, college life or even when we are all decked up in our lives and need to go for more opportunities and thus career counseling is a service of assistance and guidance for all those who are unsure about what career to choose and what path to step towards.

Avoid Hit and Trail Methods

What next? It is the most frequent question that each of us may have or will ask ourselves after finishing a particular set milestone. Students are perplexed about which stream to choose after 10th standard, which course after 12th and further which field to opt for which will fulfill our requirements for a lifetime. The more you question, and then more the chances to get the correct answer. Usually, the main guidance which is received by every confused mind is either by their parents or their teachers on the basis of marks obtained in subjects. The hit and trial guidance provided to the students at the time of their growing up may hit the right target sometimes but mostly it goes otherwise. Students are not judged on the basis of their skills, interests, and expectations from life rather are judged on their marks and they often land up doing they are least interested in and then regret it later.

Choose the Professional

So, to sum it up, like every other advice and problem we reach to professionals and people who know well about the field and the genre, similarly in the case of choosing the right career, a person should visit a professional who would not only give you a solution but will also understand your perplexities. Every person is different and has his own strengths and weaknesses, a counselor just simply identifies those strengths and tries to give you an advice which would involve the person to use those strengths in his work life and make it effortless.

How does Career Counseling work?

Career counseling may not be that popular in the earlier times but now people do not want to waste their time trying out different things and experimenting irrelevant fields just in the hope of hitting the right path one day. Career counseling involves the basic aptitude tests, checking personality skills through smart activities and then advice on the basis of these tests which tells the counselor about what the candidate is good at and what he likes to do in his time.

Bottom Line

The hard and fast rule of choosing a career and visiting a career counselor is to make sure that whatever one chooses to do in life, it makes him happy and satisfied rather than regretting about things he couldn’t choose or do just because he didn’t know he was good at it. Now you know what the real importance of career counseling is, so stop thinking and make a move. Toodles!



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